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A Mercy To The Universe

 A Mercy To The Universe

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The Sealed Nectar

 The Sealed Nectar by Shaykh Safi ur-Rahman

 "I BELIEVE IN ONE GOD, AND MUHAMMAD, APOSTLE OF GOD"is the simple and invariable profession of Islam.
"The intellectual image of the Deity has never been degraded by any visible idol; the hours of the Prophet have never transgressed the measure of human virtues; and his living precepts have restrained the gratitude of his disciples within the bounds of reason and religion". (History of the Saracen Empires, London, 1870, p.54)

Muhammad (pbuh) was nothing more or less than a human being. But he was a man with a noble mission, which was ONLY ONE GOD and teach them the way to honest and upright living based on the commands of God. He always described himself as "A Servant and Messenger of God." and so indeed every action of his proclaimed to be.