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A Mercy To The Universe

 A Mercy To The Universe

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The Sealed Nectar

 The Sealed Nectar by Shaykh Safi ur-Rahman

Aisha said, "The first thing that the prophet experienced was true dreams. He didn't see a dream but it turned out as true as the dawn. Next, God endeared seclusion to him. He began to go to Hira for days together spending time in devotions. He carried provisions when he went. When it was over, he returned to Khadija and then, once again went back refurnished, until the revelation came while he was in Hira," {Bukhari & Muslim}

It is reported too that on one occasion when he was in one of the valleys of Mecca two angles came down to him. One of them said to the other, "Weigh him against another man." So he weight him and Muhammad out weight him. They kept on weighing him until he proved to be heavier than a thousand men. At that, the other angle said, "If you weight him against his followers, he will out weigh them all. Anyway cut open his breast." The angle opened it and removed from it Satan's share. He also removed a clot of blood and threw it away. Then one of them told the other, "Wash the inner parts with water, the way you wash a basin." The other complied and then he asked for Sakinah to be brought forth. His heart was returned and the other commanded, "Stitch his breast." He did it and finally, they embossed the mark "Seal of Prophets" between his shoulders. That done, they left. All this happened, while the prophet was watching their actions."


The prophet also told Khadija, "I see lights in the heavens and hear sounds. I am afraid I'll go crazy." She assured him, "God will not do that to you, O Abdullah's son." Then she took him to Waraqah bin Nawfal (Khadija's Christian cousin) and told him about the vision, He said, "If he is truthful then this is the same angle that had come to Mosses. If he is given prophethood in my life time, I'll help him and believe in him." {Ahmed}


Taken from the book: "A Biography of the Prophet of Islam" vol.1



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