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Imam Ghazzali, known as "Hujjatul Islam," collected and set out some of the Prophet (saas)'s traits as related by such great Islamic scholars as Tirmidhi, Tabarani, Muslim, Imam Ahmad, Abu Dawood and Ibn Maja:

"The Holy Prophet (saas) was the most patient among men, the bravest, the best judge, and he who pardoned most. ... he was the most charitable man. He did not pass a single night hoarding a single dirham or dinar. Whenever any excess money came to him and if he did not then get anyone to accept it as charity, he did not return home till he gave it to the poor and the needy.

Every moment of the Prophet (saas)'s life is a splendid example for the faithful to follow. With his conversations with the faithful, the way he addressed them, his sense of humour, his affection for and interest in children, the just way he treated women and his affection and concern, he was a model protector, both for his family and for all Muslims.

That, by his smiling face, joyful countenance, and his consideration and affection for the faithful, he is an important example of proper morality and an ideal model of humanity.

Although the Prophet (saas) bore a heavy responsibility, and despite all the difficulties he faced, he was a most humble and peaceful man, submissive to Allah. He lived the joy and ardour of belief every moment of his life. Thanks to that joy of belief and his high morality, he was always smiling and tenderhearted. His companions describe his state of being:

Ali (ra): "His smiling face and kind treatment of everyone made him literally a father to the people.

It appears from what has come down from his companions that the Prophet (saas) would frequently joke with his family and companions, as well as laugh at their jokes, and give them friendly names or nicknames. As always, however, the Prophet (saas) also behaved very prudently, considerately and in accordance with the demands of good conscience when it came to joking.

One of the most important subjects that The Prophet (saas) dwelt on was that the believers should love one another sincerely and with no thought of personal interests, and that they should not harbour thoughts of hatred, anger or jealousy for one another. The Prophet (saas) was both the best possible example to the believers, but also frequently gave them advice on the subject.
In the Qur'an, Allah says of the matter:

That is the good news which Allah gives to His servants who believe and do right actions.

The Prophet Muhammad (saas)'s compassion, mercifulness and consideration for the believers can also be seen in his attitude towards children. The Prophet (saas) took a close interest in his own children and grandchildren, as in those of his companions. In regards to them, he made suggestions about everything, from their birth to choosing names for them, from their health to their education, from their clothes to the games they played, all of which he played an active role in.

The Prophet (saas)'s wives are the mothers of all believers, models for all Muslim women, possessed of true godliness. There is a considerable amount of information about the behavior and faith of the Prophet (saas)'s wives, the way they cared for him, their own wisdom and their excellent morality, to be found in the Qur'an, the hadiths, and accounts about the life of the Prophet (saas).

Every individual, every society and every nation has its own particular destiny. Even before the first human being had been created, all the details of what each person would experience in the future, the events to be witnessed by every nation, the stages every society would go through, and the like, had all been established in the sight of Allah. Yet, people do not know any of these details that have been established, lived through, or done with in the sight of Allah. They only see and come to know them as they experience them.

Alif Lam Mim. The Romans have been defeated in the lowest land, but after their defeat they will themselves be victorious within three to nine years. The affair is Allah's from beginning to end. On that day, the believers will rejoice. (Surat ar-Rum: 1-4)

One of the items of information about the future given to the Prophet (saas) by means of the Qur'an is to be found in the early verses of Surat ar-Rum.

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