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The Prophet (Peace and blessings of Allah upon him) used to do much prayer, fasting, dhikr, supplication and other kinds of worship. And when he performed an act of worship he would continue with it and do it regularly. `A'ishah reported, "When he (Peace and blessings of Allah upon him) missed his night prayers due to pain or something else he (Peace and blessings of Allah upon him) would pray twelve rak`ahs the next day." (Muslim)

Anglo-Australians Show New Face of Islam

An Australian TV program has offered a new face for the Muslim community, presenting Sydney blue-eyed reverts as a new side to Islam people may not hear about.

 “I’m a proud Aboriginal Australian Muslim. It’s a profound quietness when I pray and when I connect with God. I’ve never had that up until I embraced Islam,” Sarah, an Anglo blue-eyed Australian woman, told SBS program The Feed on Monday, October 13.

 “I hear of all the atrocities that are happening overseas and I pick up my Qur’an which is my life guide.

Aussie Muslims Open Mosques, Defeat Fear

Seeing ignorance as the worst enemy of nations, the Muslim community in Australia’s third largest state has decided to open their mosques to offer their neighbors better understanding of Islam, to change people’s misperceptions about their faith.

“We want to hold Queensland Mosque Day and it will be one day when people can come all day, on one day from next year. There will be food and information sessions,” Ali Kadri, a spokesman for the Holland Park and Logan Islamic communities in Queensland, told Brisbane Times on Friday, September 19.

First prayer in South Cyprus mosque in 40 years

Turkish Cypriots have been allowed to pray in a mosque in the Greek Cypriot-controlled southern Cyprus for the first time in 40 years.

The head of Religious Affiars in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Prof. Dr Talip Atalay, led prayers at the Kebir mosque and visited Muslim cemeteries in the city of Baf (Paphos) and its surroundings on the invitation of Greek Cypriot Archbishop Chrysostomos II.

New documentary addresses misunderstandings about Muslims

A new documentary that addresses cultural misunderstandings about Muslims will be shown to high school students in South Australia.

The short film, created by the University of South Australia, features young Muslims discussing their day-to-day experiences and concerns.

It aims to challenge the assumptions that dominate the media and society about Islam and Muslim culture.

Mercy to Mankind Magazine - issue # 3


We would like to bid you a warm welcome to the second edition of Explore Islam, a new quarterly magazine which aims to cover a
broad spectrum of contemporary issues as well as highlighting the life and true message of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
who is revered by Muslims as the final Messenger sent to mankind. It is strange that despite being voted the most influential person in
history (The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History by Michael H. Hart), and with Islam being the fastest growing religion
in the world, many misconceptions still continue to circulate about the Islamic faith and its most prestigious and most famous personality.
It is a little known fact that Islamic civilisation has played an integral role in the history of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Muslims have contributed
significantly to the scientific and cultural development of humanity.

Sydney Mosque Engages Muslim Youth

Following years of campaigning, the Muslim community in Sydney’s western suburb of Blacktown has finally opened the doors of their first mosque, offering Muslim leaders a chance to reach out to troubled young people in the area.

"The mosque will be a place for troubled youth off the streets to liaise with others, to talk with them," Sharif Amin from the Afghan Association of New South Wales told ABC News on Monday, May 5.

"So that they can feel a sense of belonging, a place where they can be heard, where they can become involved with other activities."

Irish Muslims Accept Minister’s Apology

A recent controversy over anti-Islam comments in Northern Ireland has come to an end quickly after representatives of the Irish Muslim community asserted that they have received and accepted an apology from First Minister over anti-Islam slurs he made lately.

“We accepted the apology in private and for us that was a sincere apology and we accepted it,” spokesman for the Belfast Islamic Centre, Dr Raied Al-Wazzan, told Irish Independent.

 Ecology and Islamic values - I

I could understand "do not drink the water." Or even "no swimming—polluted water." But "do not touch the water"!? Something about that sign, and the reality it pointed to seemed deeply, irrevocably wrong. The fact that it was the nearest campground to Disneyland somehow made the whole situation even creepier.